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What We Offer

Airport Transfers
Price: Price varies based on the distance from the airport and the number of passengers.

Please contact us for airport pick up and drop offs

Island Tour

Price: Price varies base upon the duration of the tour and the number of passengers. 


We are pleased to give you a tour of our 37 square mile island.

Dutch St. Maarten has loads of magnificent sites to discover. The popular azure beaches, the friendly faces and the good, finger-licking food are just a few of the selling points of our Dutch side island tour.

Get the perfect sun-kissed, skin tan, while walking on the super white, sandy beaches of the French Side. Our operators are enthusiastic to showcase the best of the natural, cultural and gastronomical sites of the French side.

Only in St. Maarten can you experience 2 countries in ONE island tour.

Call us to experience it. Your island tour beckons!

Receive 10% off when booking 7 days in advance!

Shopping Tour

Price: Price varies based on the amount of hours and number of passengers. 

You haven't lived until you shopped at the opulent stores on Front Street Phil
ipsburg. There is a plethora of duty free items to choose from on the Dutch Side of the island.


Our shopping tour also takes you to the French side. Here you'll find quite a few unique store with products that will make you standout from any crowd. The exclusive stores on the French side have unique items to make any shop-a-holic happy.


Night Life

Price: Price varies based on the mileage, number of hours and number of passengers. 

Dine at a spectacular restaurant, watch a movie, or go bar hopping. These are just a few ways to enjoy your vacation at night. Where ever you feel like going please feel free to contact us.


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