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Island Information

Size:  37 sq miles.


Population: approx 46,500 ( St.Maatren)        approx 36,392 (St.Martin) 


Currency:      St.Maarten: US Dollars and Dutch antellian Guilders                       St.Martin: Euros


Languages: St.Maarten: English and Dutch     

                    St.Martin: French


Climate:  Tropical 


Capital City:  Philipsburg (St.Maarten)              Marigot (St.Martin)


Interesting Information: 

St.Maarten is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations. One side is Dutch the other is French.


St.Maarten is the Dutch Side and St.Martin is the French side. The abbreviation SXM refers to both sides of the island. 


St.Maarten / St.Martin has a relatively low crime rate. The island is popular among Tourists because of its excellent (duty free)  shopping . 


St.Maarten (the dutch side) Is very famous in the Caribbean for its thriving night life. There are lots of casinos, restaurants, strip clubs, bars, and discos to choose from.


St.Martin (the french side) is famous for the culinary french restaurants.





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